We are an independent wealth management consulting firm comprised of 30+ financial advisors with an average of 18 years industry experience. We provide comprehensive financial advice for individuals and business owners.

The Philadelphia Group
Areas of Focus
Wealth Management
No matter the level of sophistication desired, The Philadelphia Group has the advisors and technology platforms to serve the investment needs of any size portfolio.  Whether you are just starting out saving for retirement or are seeking to preserve and grow wealth already accumulated, The Philadelphia Group can create a plan to help.

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Retirement Plan Consulting
Whether it is a 401(k), 403(b), or Defined Benefit Plan, The Philadelphia Group acts as a consultant versus that of a traditional broker, and can sign on as a co-fiduciary to your company’s retirement plan.  Additionally, we offer Business Succession Planning,  Executive Benefits and Group Employee Benefit Plans.

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Insurance Protection
Our team is well versed in serving the needs of families and individuals who wish to protect themselves and their families from unforeseen events.  Insurance is an important part of any holistic financial picture, and our advisors are ready to walk their clients through the complex insurance landscape.

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Private Wealth Management
Our Simple Process
Risk Discovery

Take a brief adaptive risk preference survey to determine what level of volatility you are comfortable with in your portfolio.  We will then analyze your current investments to see if you are allocated in the way you should be based on the results of that survey.

Optimize Portfolio

We will design a portfolio for you that matches up to the characteristics agreed upon during the risk discovery process.  Our assessment software uses historical volatility and correlation figures to determine a statistically likely range of potential returns.

Implement & Monitor

We will build and manage your portfolio based on a foundation of mathematical risk assessment.  With this program, you will know why your portfolio is allocated the way that it is; can you say that about your current advisor?


Do You Know Your Risk Number?

Take This Quick Risk Preference Survey Now

Take our brief, no-obligation risk preference survey now and discover if your portfolio is invested like you think it is.  Learn more about the Riskalyze program.

From the Investment Department
October 2018 Newsletter

The 2018 midterm elections are two weeks away.  This month we look at some of the market and financial implications of the results and some historical context on stock market performance in mid-term years. People like to forecast.  Attempting to make sense of the world and predict how interacting factors will ultimately play out is in our human nature.  Sometimes these trends and forecasts are accurate, other times; not so much (looking at you 2016).  […]

September 2018 Newsletter

With much in the news lately about digital media companies, their roles in our society, and the extent to which they should be regulated, this month we examine some of the astounding numbers and trends in digital media.   It is obvious that digital media and video entertainment is ubiquitous in our daily lives, but the scale of saturation and rate of growth can be difficult to grasp until you see the data.  Let’s start […]

August 2018 Newsletter

You may have been hearing the terms ‘yield curve’ and ‘inversion’ mentioned in the financial press recently, most likely with negative connotations.  This month we will discuss this indicator, and how it relates to economies and the markets. When you hear that the Federal Reserve is ‘raising/lowering interest rates’ it can be easy to assume that the Fed is setting interest rates across the economy.  In reality though, the Fed is only moving one rate.  […]

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