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With the busy schedules most Americans are accustomed to, there is simply not enough time in the day for a person to master all of the facets required to design, implement and monitor a financial and wealth management plan.  It is not just about following the markets; constant changes in products, legislation, tax codes and economics make it very difficult for the average person to be as engaged as they would need to be.

Our finances affect every aspect of our lives, including our personal relationships.  In order of importance, it ranks right besides our health & legal affairs.  It makes sense to have guidance in these areas when the stakes can be very high.

A financial professional has the expertise and experience to see areas of weakness in your portfolio and financial position that may not be readily apparent and they will hold you accountable to your plan.

There is no definitive answer to this question, without first discussing the intricacies of your personal financial goals and service needs.  However, we offer a variety of pricing plans and service models to fit the varying needs of our clients at competitive costs.

As independent advisors affiliated with LPL Financial, we have the ability to offer both traditional commission based brokerage services and/or fee for service advisory models.

No.  The first meeting with an advisor at The Philadelphia Group is free of charge and is not a high pressure sales pitch.  We seek to understand our prospective clients’ goals and unique financial situations prior to engaging in any formal relationship, in addition to getting to know each other as people.

Many of our advisors will travel out to clients when necessary, as we understand that it can be difficult to get away from the office, kids, or other commitments to come to our firm for meetings.  We also frequently use technology and web based meeting applications for out of state clients, or those who travel frequently for business.

The benefits of working with a financial professional include, but are not limited to:

The unbiased perspective of someone with extensive training & experience.

The ability to see things that a client may have overlooked.

The satisfaction of having a written plan in place with quantifiable targets and someone to hold you accountable to it.

Someone who you trust to motivate you and coach financial decisions as they arise

Access to education and resources that you were previously not aware of.

The peace of mind to go about your daily life with the knowledge that someone is looking after your financial well-being.