Insurance Protection
Helping to Protect You from the Uncertainties in Life
Unlike many insurance brokerage firms, The Philadelphia Group has no quota to fulfill on any proprietary insurance products.  We are completely independent and our recommendations are objective and un-biased.
Life insurance can provide much needed cash to your beneficiaries, whether it is to pay taxes, pay off household debt, fund your child’s education or replace lost income.
If you are unable to work due to a sickness or injury, disability insurance can help you meet expenses and maintain your standard of living.
Long-Term Care
If and when the time comes that you require long-term care, your insurance policy can provide home health aides, skilled nursing, and access to a nursing home.

Our Value

Completely Independent and Conflict-Free

Our independence allows us to partner with some of the top insurance carriers in the industry, continuously providing our clients with innovative strategies in a challenging environment.

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