Featured Technology
On the Cutting Edge of Financial Services Technology

 At The Philadelphia Group we aim to be early adopters of technology platforms that improves our efficiency and provides added value to our clients.

Riskalyze is an innovative program that is capable of objectively pinpointing individual investor risk preference, while providing a quantifiable way to match the desired risk of an investor with a portfolio of investments.
eMoney System
The eMoney system is a comprehensive financial planning platform that allows a client to quickly pull up an online snapshot of their entire net worth, including investments, real estate assets, mortgages, and more.
Albridge Wealth Reporting
When it comes time to do a client review, Albridge makes it easy to provide detailed statistics on account allocation, performance, and transactions, ensuring that everyone is one the same page when it comes to the portfolios we manage.


Do You Know Your Risk Number?

The Riskalyze Risk Questionnaire process was built upon decades of behavioral economic work including but not limited to the academic framework called  Prospect Theory that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002.


All in One Personal Financial Website

We know that in today’s world, our clients want the ability to view their total wealth picture on demand, and in real time.  The e Money system gives us the ability to integrate the various aspects of a client’s financial picture in one place.


albridge 2

Powerful Portfolio Reviews and Analytics

When it comes time to review a portfolio with a client, we have the technology to deliver asset allocation, performance, and transaction data at the press of a button.