Wealth Management
Go Anywhere Investing

As independent financial advisors, we have no proprietary funds and no obligation to sell the products of any company.  This relationship enables us to “go anywhere” and truly serve the interest of our clients by only recommending the allocations and products that make the most sense for your unique situation.

Key Companies We Are Aligned With

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*The above listed companies are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

Understanding Risk
For Our Clients

Discover Your Risk Preference with Riskalyze

We seek to understand a client’s risk preference through an adaptive survey that aims to uncover the behavioral heart of the goals and fears associated with investing.

Discover your risk number now with our brief, no obligation survey.

Not One Size Fits All

We understand that every client comes with unique circumstances and goals for their investments.  No matter the level of sophistication needed, The Philadelphia Group is capable of designing a strategy that will diversify risk and work towards your objectives.

Simple Solutions...

Whether your goals are long term capital appreciation, income generation, minimum volatility, low cost or any combination of objectives, our system allows us to create potential strategies that are designed to fit YOU.

  • Strategic ETFs
  • Tactical Mutual Funds
  • Liquid Alternatives
  • Tactical ETFs
  • Individual Equities
  • Individual Bonds
  • Non Traded Income Vehicles
  • Liquid Alternatives
  • Third Party Managers

...Or Complex Portfolios

No matter if you are just starting your first IRA or selling a multi million dollar business, we have advisors that specialize in designing potential strategies for all levels of sophistication.